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Green Energy

Green Energy the Way Forward

January 16, 2019

These days one hears of green building, green architecture, green energy and one tends to ask; why is it green? Does it refer to just color or is there any other meaning to it. Let’s talk about energy and why it is called green. Energy in itself has no color, so what do we mean […]

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Green Energy Who Benefits

December 2, 2018

Clean energy initiatives across the nation will most likely generate economic, public health and environmental benefits. Every state should identify their specific cost effective policies and initiatives that will address climate change and promote renewable energy, efficiency and technology related to clean energy production and promotion. There is a State Climate & Energy Program which […]

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What Exactly Is Green Energy

November 16, 2018

It is a term that you are going to hear about more and more as we are nearing depletion of fossil fuels, but what exactly green energy is? Which energy sources really deserve to be called green, and what may be the future of renewable energy? How can you contribute to a greener future, starting […]

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