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Green Energy Who Benefits

Clean energy initiatives across the nation will most likely generate economic, public health and environmental benefits. Every state should identify their specific cost effective policies and initiatives that will address climate change and promote renewable energy, efficiency and technology related to clean energy production and promotion.

There is a State Climate & Energy Program which was designed to help states develop programs and procedures in order to reduce energy costs, improve public health, and air quality as well as helping to achieve state specific developmental goals.

In 2012 Hurricane Sandy damaged fossil fuel dominated electrical generation and distributions leaving millions without power in New York and New Jersey. However, renewable energy projects in the Northeast had the ability to weather Hurricane Sandy with minimal disruption of service or damage. Such a diverse comparison of the effects of this major storm is very impressive.

Wind and solar are more resilient and reliable energy systems. They are less prone to a large-scale failure because of the fact they are modular and distributed. Distributed systems are spread over a very large area so a severe weather event in one location will not cut off power to an entire region. Modular systems are composed of numerous wind turbines or solar arrays. A solar array is a panel designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heating.

Obviously because of global warming, there is an increased risk of more future related disruptive events and storms. It has been shown that renewable energy resources are more resilient in these weather events than fossil fuel dominated sources such as coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants. Of course these changes are dramatic and require a much different and forward thinking mind-set to successfully accomplish. We need to work together to protect our states from any catastrophic events causing life threatening power outages resulting in higher death tolls.

It appears to be very important now that we pay attention to the professionals and be concerned that the states in which we live are forward thinking enough to begin making changes to withstand the possible global warming dangerous weather events we may experience in the future and be certain that our state representatives possess the same forward thinking to accomplish those changes needed for our personal protection and the protection of our planet. I believe the time for the serious decisions is now.

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